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Butterfree learns confusion at level 12.

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Q: What level does Butterfree learn confusion in Pokemon Red?
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What if your Butterfree evolves at level 11 because lost a battle in level 10?

If your Pokemon evolves later it could learn more attacks in its pre-evolved form that maybe could not learn if evolved (particularly true with Pokemon who evolve from stones) or it could skip some attacks that should learn in its evolved form. In this case, it is not important, because butterfree will learn Confusion at level 12.

What level does Butterfree learn a confusion?

In Red and Blue, it learns Confusion at Level 12, two Levels after it evolves from Metapod. In every other game, it learns Confusion at Level 10, as soon as it evolves from Metapod.

What level does Butterfree learn confusion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Butterfree learns Confusion as it's first move. Lv. 10. If you for some reason do not have the movie in a Butterfree of higher lv. simply either breed a new Caterpie or visit the move re-learner in his house on Island Two for him to teach it the move again (costs either 1 Big Mushroom or 2 TinyMushrooms).

What level does Abra learn confusion in Pokemon Yellow?

Kadabra learns confusion. *This occurs at LV16

Is Butterfree on Pokemon Gold version?

Butterfree is in Pokemon Gold Version. Butterfree is pokemon number 13 on the pokedex. It can be obtained by training a Metapod to level 10, at which point it evoloves.

What level does butterfree learn stun spore?


What level does Butterfree learn silver wind in firered?

level 47

What level does metopod evolve into Butterfree in Pokemon gold?

Level 10

Can butterfree learn Ariel ace in FireRed?

Butterfree can't learn Aerial Ace by level up. It can, however, learn it by TM, which you can find on Route 9.

What level does metapod learn harden in Pokemon Red?

At Level 10, the same as in blue, red, yellow and all the other games.

What level does Metapod evolve in Pokemon?

Metapod evolves into Butterfree at Level 10.

In Pokemon yellow how do you get past the first gym with your pikachu against rock types?

Catch other Pokemon and have them battle, doofus. yhe best thing to do is catch a caterpie and evolve it to a butterfree at level 10 it will know confusion