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level 10

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Q: What level do you have to be to duel chazz at the lake after the paradox event in Yugioh gx spirit caller?
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In yugioh spirit caller how do you get to the event a school duel .its the one north academy vs. our academy chazz is bout to battle me how do i get to that part help what is the level u for event?

leval 14

How do you get rai uniform in Yu-Gi-Oh gx spirit caller?

To get a Rai uniform on Yugioh GX Spirit Caller you need to first defeat the opponent. You need to defeat Crowler to get the dual coat and defeat Atticus to get the Hawaiian Shirt. The black and yellow uniform is received after you defeat Chazz and Professor Sartyr.

What episode does chazz tell alexis loves her in yugioh gx?

This happened in episode 47, Chazz-anovo.

How do you get light Chazz on yugioh gx tag force 2?

You have to beat Aster's story

How do you dual chazz on yu-gi-oh gx spirit caller?

I dont remember exactly but sometime towards the start of the game, i think he challenges you at some point... and you duel him a few times after that too

How do you talk to chazz Princeton on yugioh gx tag force?

give him money or golden, ask paraoh to scrath him

Hello I really need this answered which Yugioh booster pack can you get armed dragon lv7 or armed dragon lv10?

Both are inDuelist Chazz Princeton.

How do you face chazz by the lake for the 2nd time on yu gi oh gx spirit caller?

well i do not know but i thing look for more duel people to register and get a spirt and go to the class room the a new exam well start and you can BATTLE NOW cool is it and you do not get a prannet to battle then the next school day chazz is a level 3 now and hard very hard and battle him .hope this help

How do you unlock the forbidden cards in yugioh gx tag force 2?

yes you can just beat the game with all page 1 dudes like jaden and chazz all the main ppl

How tall is Chazz Ellis?

Chazz Ellis is 5' 10".

How old is Chazz Princeton?

chazz Princeton is about 15/16.

When was Chazz Palminteri born?

Chazz Palminteri was born on May 15, 1952.