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Q: In yugioh spirit caller how do you get to the event a school duel .its the one north academy vs. our academy chazz is bout to battle me how do i get to that part help what is the level u for event?
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Were do you get monster reborn spirit caller?

from atticus have to battle him a lot

What level do you have to be to battle prof banner in yugioh gx spirit caller?

you face him when he is a shadow rider

Spirit caller spirit abilities?


Yugioh spirit caller school dule chazznort acadmy vs you?

First you must be Level 12+ and have done the Dimitri event (you find him randomly outside the Red Dorm). Crowler will announce that Duel Academy will have a match between their representative duelist and the representative duelist of North Academy. They will have to choose between you, Jaden and Bastion (guess who's representing Duel Academy [^.^] ).

How on Spirit caller do i beat the game?

by winning the school duel tournament against aster phoenix and jaden yuki

Where is Kagermaru after you beat the game in Yu-Gi-Oh spirit caller?

Kagemaru can be found in the Duel Academy area. Note that he only appears at night on Saturday and Sunday.

How do you become a obleisk blue student in yu-gi-oh gx spirit caller?

At the Duel Academy the Obelisk Blue is the highest of the three dormitories. One must possess high grades in the written examination and have earned a diploma from another duelist prep school.

How do you move up a dorm in yu gi oh spirit caller caller?

you can't

What events happen in yu-gi-oh spirit caller?

search yugioh wikia in google and go to the card ruling section and search for spirit caller......

Can you get blue eyes ultimate in spirit caller?

Yes, you can.

How do you move up dorms in Yu-Gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller?

In Spirit Caller you cannot move up dorms. You can get the other dorms' jackets, but that's it.

Yu-gi-oh gx spirit caller how to battle jaden?

he sometimes comes to your door randomly asking you to duel and if im wrong then correct me if you'd please