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with my powers and i fight it with my head

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Q: What level do you fight a giant squid on the game jaws unleashed?
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How do you see the squid on Club Penguin?

To see the giant squid on club penguin just go play aqua grabber! Oh and if you do see the squid you get a stamp.

Is ursula a panda?

No, she's a giant squid-human thing from Little Mermaid.

How do you catch the giant squid on Club Penguin aqua grabber?

You can't. It's impossible to catch the giant squid. There is no way to interact with it at all, since you can only move left, right, up, and down. The squid is behind you. Visit my full answer that is in response to a related giant squid question at:Where is the giant squid on club penguin/The question asks where the squid is, and my answer is slightly more detailed than the guy who asked wanted...I guess it might fit this one slightly better. Also, the squid has come up in the Puffle Rescue game down at the Mine. It is found on level three, with the black puffle(for members only)...on the very first level, when you grab the black puffle, the same squid you see in aqua grabber, only seemingly bigger up close, rolls out from under you, heading forward. You have to follow it and not sink, by getting over the giant bubbles it causes underwater, so when it pops as it reaches the surface, as it is under you, it launches you in the air. Keep this up by not sinking, and you eventually reach a cove. You are able to sit on a ridge, as the squid disappears under a ridge you can't go under. Now unrelated to your question, if you follow the ridge left, you reach a secret staircase, and when you go down then, they lead to the Underwater Room, where you can find the Moss key pin, which allows you to visit the underwater room again without having to repeat that process...

What sea creatures start with the letter G?

giant squid, great white shark,

Where is the key to puffle rescue on Club Penguin?

On the first level, get to the black puffle and then follow the shadow of the giant squid. Use the bubbles to float back up. Once you are at the end, follow the maze to the stairs.

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Do giant squid fight?

Yes giant squid are known to fight sperm whales and drag them down into the ocean.

What would win in a fight a giant squid or colossal squid?

a sperm whale

Who would win a fight between a giant squid and a collisal squid?

The Colossal Squid because its he same but bigger

How do you get a giant squid on tap zoo?

You get the giant squid by achieving the highest level and then buying it for over 600 million to 630 million!

In which sea level does the giant squid live?

a sea leavel

Who would win in a squid vs a seal fight?

That depends on what kind of squid it is. If it's a giant squid, then the squid is going to win. If it's not very big, the seal will win.

Is a giant squid anoun?

no. its a giant squid!

What are the enemies of a giant squid?

The Giant squid's enemy is the Sperm whale which eats the Giant squid.

How can you tell if a squid is a giant squid?

you might be able to tell because the GIANT squid is supposed to be larger Giant Squid are actually GIANT.... Therefore if you see a squid & dont say "OMGG that thing is HUGE" then it isnt a GIANT Squid

Is The Humbble Squid The Giant Squid?

The Humboldt squid and the Giant Squid are two separate species

What is the giant squid on Club Penguin?

A giant squid period

What eat giant squid?

Giant squid eat there own kind (giant squid!)