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To see the giant squid on Club Penguin just go play aqua grabber! Oh and if you do see the squid you get a stamp.

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Q: How do you see the squid on Club Penguin?
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How do you see the giant squid on club penguin?

you just wait but i think i got lucky

What is the giant squid on Club Penguin?

A giant squid period

How do you find the giant squid on Club Penguin?

There is not a squid you can find.

How do you see the giant squid in Aqua Grabber on Club Penguin?

if u a member go to soda seas u will see it

How to by the squid costume from the treasure book on club penguin?

go on i have a code and put in squid tastic

How do you get the spot the squid stamp on club penguin?

You have to spot the squid in the corner at the bottom of Aqua-Grabber.

What room is the penguin in who orderderd the squid pizza on the club penguin DS game?

at the pool underground

Where can you find the guy who wanted squid pizza in club penguin?

at the plaza

How do you spot the squid on aqua grabber on club penguin?

You wait at the bottom

Where do you get the squid on club penguin?

Honestley i dont know im trying to find it

Where do you get squids on penguins head on Club Penguin?

The squid costume comes from the stage play

What do you do in the dance club on Club Penguin?

Make your penguin dance and see what you do.