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Hill giants are lvl 28. Many people like to kill htem to get big bones which sell for a decent price. They are found down the ladder in the small house west of varrok. You need a brass key to enter.

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Q: What level are hill giants on runescape?
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What should a member level 37 train on runescape?

Try training on Hill Giants / Moss Giants

What is the best thing to train on if you are a level thirty-nine on runescape?

You can train on hill giants or moss giants.

What strength level are hill giants on RuneScape?

NPC's do not have specific strength levels. But they do have combat levels. Hill giants are 44 combat, and also aggressive to players under level 89 combat.

On runescape what should a level 60 fight to get maximum hitpoints?

Fighting hill giants is the easiest way.

What are all the types of giants on RuneScape?

Fire Giants Hill Giants Ice Giants Moss Giants

How can you get a brass key in RuneScape?

Buy it, get it from the Hill giants.

What should you kill on runescape at level 52 for drops?

hill giants, bank the bones and you'll make money fast.

What level are fire Giants on runescape?

level 86

How do you get 40 defense on runescape?

I'd sujest hill giants

What level are ice giants in runescape?


What is the most experience runescape for lvl 54s?

I would say hill giants or moss giants.

Where should a level 62 train on in runescape f2p?

lakai skaida:if you want to make a profit kill moss,ice,hill giants