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You should atleast have your Pokemon level 38 or 39 because clairs highest level Pokemon is 41 that's her kingdra and her lowest level Pokemon is level 38 and she has 3 of them gyrados dragonair and dragonair so if you want to beat her you should rely on electric ice and dragon type moves. Heres a example of the Pokemon in my party that I used Typhlosion,Ampharos,Gyrados,pidgeot,poliwrath,and jynx all level 40 except for Typhlosion level 43.

Hope this helps.

From Nick Oaks.

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Q: What level Pokemon should you have to beat the 8TH gym leader on Pokemon Heart gold?
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What level should your Pokemon be in Pokemon Heart gold after you defeat the first gym leader?

level 100 or he will own you instantly if you have a grass type your dead

What is the best team of Pokemon and what level should they be to defeat the last gym leader in Pokemon Heart Gold?

lugia, latios, and umbreon

What level are the Kanto gym leader Pokemon in heart gold?

between 30 and 60.(:

What level should your Pokemon be for battling the 7th gym leader in Johto in Heartgold?

your Pokemon sould be at least a level 25

What level do you have to be to go against the ice gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

You should at least be more than level 40

Where is a good place to level up your level 25 swinub in heart gold?

At the Pokemon League, or at a Rematch with your Rival, or Gym Leader, or Ice Cave, Johto

How do you beat the ecruteak gym leader heart gold?

First, you must have a good set of Pokemon. You cannot defeat him with normal type moves. If you have dark type moves, then it will be easy, but basically any Pokemon that isn't normal type should do well against the gym leader if they are at a high level.

How do you beat the fortree gym leader?

you need to level up your Pokemon, and it depends on what type of Pokemon they have. for example if they had a grass Pokemon the best thing you should do is catch a fire Pokemon or level up the fire Pokemon you already have.

What level does Combusken evolve in Pokemon Heart Gold?

IT should be at lv36 that combusken evolves to blaziken

What Pokemon does the 15th gym leader have in Pokemon SoulSilver?

A Magmar level 54, a Macargo level 54, and a Rapidash level 59.

What should your second Pokemon be in emerald?

doesn't matter. If you train your Pokemon to an high enough level you will be able to defeat the gym leader. I think the best STARTER Pokemon is fire-type.

What Pokemon does Gym Leader Elesa have?

Gym Leader Elesa has two level 25 Emolgas and a level 27 Zebstrika.