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Groudon. That's it.

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Q: What legendarys can you get before you have beaten the Pokemon league in Pokemon ruby?
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Do you have to have beaten the Pokemon league to get the three rigi's on Pokemon sapphire?


When you have all three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black and white what do you do with them?

If you havent beaten the Pokemon league then level them up a bit then defeat the Pokemon league

When can you catch a Rayquaza?

after Pokemon league is beaten . signed, Liam sadek

How do you check if you beat the league?

To see if you have beaten the Pokemon Legue: Diamond/Pearl - View trainer card -> Press A If you have beaten the Pokemon League, the lines next to 'Hall of Fame Debut' will be filled in with the month, day, year, and time you beat them. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - View trainer card If you have beaten the Pokemon League, there will be a blicking start next to your name.

How do you get past the girl guarding the temple in sowpoint?

youhave to have beaten the Pokemon league.

What do you do after you have beaten the league in Pokemon black?

go to undella and fight Cynthia or finish the pokedex

Where do you find steven after yo have beaten him at meteor falls?

At the Pokemon League because he is the champion.

How do you get May to battle you again on Pokemon emerald?

if you have beaten the league she cant battle you again

How do you get munna on Pokemon White?

In the dream yard. But if you have beaten the Pokemon league you can find a level 70 musharna in the basement on Friday's.

Where do you go when you have all bagdes on Pokemon Ruby?

go to ever grande city and defeat Pokemon league. affter that go find these legendarys listed.rayquazalatiosregi'iceregirockregisteel.after you are through with that then go catch every Pokemon possible in Pokemon sapphire.after that trade with Pokemon ruby to get the Pokemon only in ruby. Then buy a gameshark for GBA. you need it to get Pokemon from difrent regions such as lugia ho oh celebi -etc. when you have every Pokemon from these regions,hoen,jhoto and kanto then go to lilycove citys game editor. he will give you the diploma. you have then beaten the game.

Where do you find the elite 4 at the battle frontier?

no at the Pokemon league after you've beaten the 8 gym leaders

Does the Pokemon league champion in Pokemon diamond heal your Pokemon before battling?