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In Pokemon Heartgold you need Ho-Oh before going to the Elite Four/Pokemon League so I am sure it's the same for Pokemon Soulsilver.

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Q: Do you have to get lugia before you go to the Pokemon league in Pokemon soul silver?
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What Pokemon game has Lugia in it?

Lugia is in Pokemon Silver, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold.

Where do you get dark lugia?

You can't get Dark Lugia in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal. You can get Dark Lugia in Pokemon XD though. For Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal it is just the regular Lugia.

When do you get Lugia in Pokemon Silver?

which one of the wirl islands is lugia on in Pokemon soul silver? and the kimono girls ?

Do you get Lugia first in Pokemon soul sliver?

Lugia in Pokemon Soul Silver is caught before Ho-oh, but isn't caught at the begging of the game.

What Pokemon is in mount Silver om Pokemon silver?


How do you get to Pokemon league after beating 8 gym leaders in soul silver?

catch lugia, then you should get a call from the professor and he'll say ur ready for the Pokemon league.

Where do you find Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

Lugia will be in Whirl Islands. You will need to get the Silver Wing from the old man in Pewter City before you can encounter Lugia, however.

How do you re battle Lugia in Pokemon soul silver with no AR?

you can rebattle lugia after defeating the elite four. please... save before you confront him this time.

What do you do with the silver wing in Pokemon Silver?

The Silver Wing in Pokemon Silver lets you interact with Lugia in the Whirl Islands to fight and catch it. Lugia can be found in the deepest part of the Whirl Islands.

How to get Lugia in Pokemon Pearl?

trade it from Pokemon soul silver

Where do you find Lugia on pokemon crystal?

you can get lugia in the wirl islands after you get the silver wing

Where is Lugia's cave?

In Pokemon silver I think