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only Latios and latias can flee from battles plus the randomly appear making them almost immpossible to catch. they can be caught beforew the elite four

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Q: What legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald can run away in battle and where can you catch latios or latias and can you catch them before beating the elite four?
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How do you get legendary Pokémons at Pokémon emerald?

There are many legendary Pokemon in emerald, such as groudon, rayquaza, groudon, deoxys, and such. Groudon and Kyogre are not available until after beating Wallace, but Rayquaza can be caught right after the major battle between groudon and kyogre.

On Pokemon Emerald you cant get to the froniear brain in the battle dome?

the only way to get to the fronteir brain in the battle dome in pokemon emerald is by beating the battle dome 10 times the only way to get to the fronteir brain in the battle dome in pokemon emerald is by beating the battle dome 10 times

Can you find a legendary Pokemon in the Battle Frontier in Emerald?

If you count sudowoodo as a legendary then yes

Where is the battle tower in Pokemon Emerald?

OK, in emerald, Battle Tower is a part of the Battle Frontier. You can access it by beating the elite four. Scott takes you there.

What is there extra to do after you beat the Pokemon league in emerald?

You can access the Battle Frontier and you can catch some legendary pokemon.

Is Pokemon Emerald compatible with Pokemon Ruby?

in my opinion emerald is way better than ruby. that is because there is battle frontier in emerald and in emerald we get a jotho starter pokemon from prof. birch after beating hoen dex!

After beating battle tower on Pokemon Sapphire what is the next objective?

you cant cause its the end of Pokemon sapphire. but the game Pokemon emerald has the whole battle frontier.

How can you battle Norman in Pokemon emerald?

Of course you can, right after beating the 4. gym (the fire gym).

Where are the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon battle quest?

You can find legendary Pokemon in Pokemon battle quest in the pokeshop.

Pokemon emerald after game what you can do?

You can try to complete the national pokedex or if you mean by beating the elite 4 you can try to beat the battle frontier

What is the use of timer ball in Pokemon emerald?

It becomes more effective the longer the battle goes on. This is why it's good for catching legendary Pokemon that may be hard to catch.

How do you get legendary Pokemon in the battle factory?