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TK Maxx offers brand name products at low prices. Products include women's apparel, men's and children's clothing, wedding dresses and tuxedos, shoes, and swimwear.

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Q: What kind of items does TK Maxx sell?
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Why do you think TK Maxx is successful?

they sell nice things cheap.

Where does tk maxx get its stock?

TK Maxx is very good at sourcing its stock - which is why their business has become so large in the past 12 years or so. There are many different ways they receive their stock, however the typical ways are: 1) Each manufacturer produces items that they may regret and have trouble selling to distributors. TK Maxx may often approach such manufacturers and offer to purchase large quantities of this unpopular stock provided they also sell TK Maxx a range of the POPULAR stock as well - but at a reduced price. Since the manufacturer cannot sell the 'bad' stock to anyone else, they typically are happy to get rid of it whilst losing some revenue through the good stock TK Maxx wants. This is why in TK Maxx there are often very bizaare items that you have never seen anywhere else despite it being a designer label and so on. For many bizarre items, there are the good, popular items that were bought with them. This is mainly for clothing. 2) When a shop closes or produces too much stock, TK Maxx may buy the surplus stock. Ever seen BHS stock in a store with the label cut out? Since no other store could sell the stock with the previous store's logo and branding all over it, TK Maxx is a good choice to sell the stock to since they sell a huge range of brands anyway. Expect to see Woolworths branded items very soon in TK Maxx. 3) They get their stock the same place all the other retailers do. Because of their retail philosophy they can keep the prices low since they generally rent 'cheap' plots, pay low wages and make the stores as maintenance and problem free as possible.

Where is TK Maxx in Carlow Ireland?

There is no TK Maxx in Carlow. The nearest would be in Kilkenny.

What time does tk maxx open on bank holidays?

On bank holiday, TK Maxx will open at 10:00AM.

What time does TK Maxx open on bank holiday Monday?

On bank holiday, TK Maxx will open at 10:00AM.

Is there a TK Maxx in Navan Co Meath Ireland?

There is no TK Maxx in Navan. The nearest ones would be in Drogheda, Blanchardstown and Swords.

Where can you buy In Vein Clothing?

tk maxx

What is the address of TK Maxx Port Laoise?

TK Maxx The Kyle Centre, Kylekiproe Industrial Estate, New Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland.

Phone number for tk maxx limerick?


Where can you buy a jobis CLOTHING in the u.k.?

tk maxx

TK Maxx store locator?

is there a T.K.Max in margate

Where can one find the TK Maxx store locator?

One can find the TK Maxx locator in the website of TK Max. They have a link called store locator where one can put the post number and country; the result will show the store location in that area.