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it doesn't matter if you use a 5 or 3 vault or if you use a 2000 mb charger after using a 1500 mb charger or vise versa

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Q: What kind of charger can you use for a psp?
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Can you use a PSP go Charger to charger your PSP vita?

yes cause you can play ds and dsi while charging

How do you fix a broken psp charger?

use an extender charger

Can you use a 6 volt charger for a psp?

You should only use a charger that has the same voltage and current rating as the psp was designed for.

Will PSP 2000 charger work with PSP 3000?

. yes you can use it there the same chargers for all of the psp's. they use he same wiring and all that so there is no need to go buy a new charger or anything.

Will a PSP 3000 charger work with a PSP 1000?

yes any psp charger fits into any psp

If you have a psp and you don't have a charger what do you do to charge it?

use ur USB

How many watts does a psp charger use?

5 volts

What comes in a PSP package?

Core pack: the psp, charger, charger block, the battery, the instructions.bundle: the psp, charger, charger block, the battery, the instructions, memory stick, the umd game/movie, the psp camera in some bundles

Are all PSP chargers the same?

Yes, they are But the psp-Go has its unique own charger and a regular psp charger will not fit into a psp-Go.

Your PSP charger or PSP has stopped working you checked your PSP and PSP battery there was nothing wrong how do you check the charger?

Borrow a freinds charger or something, then you will be able to tell if it is the chrager that ain't working

Can you charger the psp charger with the banana?

its true

Where is your PSP charger?

What the hell! what do you mean wheres my psp charger wheres yours up your butt!