How do you charge a dead psp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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by a charger

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Q: How do you charge a dead psp?
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How charge a dead PSP with only a USB cable?

I do not think you can sorry :(

How do you re-charge the Sony PSP Battery Pack 3.6v 1800mAh?

You put it in the charger when it is dead or near dead and allow it to charge for two hours.

Can you charge a PSP?

Yes you can charge a psp. Every packaged psp sold comes with a charger and battery.

How do you charge your psp go when it's dead using your ps3?

You don't. Sorry, it'll have to be plugged into a wall outlet.

Can the PSP 1000 charger charge a PSP 2000?

Yes, the chargers for each model are the same. It can charge a PSP 2000 or a 3000, etc.

How do you charge a dead psp without a charger?

You can use a usb charger but it only works if u have enabled it in the settings first

I lost my PSP charger and it is completely dead help?

where do i purchase a new doss wireless bluethooth charge? thanks

What is another way to charge your psp with out a charger?

Some firmwares allow the PSP to charge from a USB connection to a PC.

How do you charge the psp in the computer and how long does it take to charge?

Connect it via a USB port - the time taken to charge it - is dependent on the quality of the battery in the PSP.

Can you charge a PSP from a PS3?

A PS3 will charge any device that can charge from a USB port. This includes, but is not limited to: PSP, Ipod, and many cell phones.

How do you charge a PSP from a computer?

You plug the PSP into the computer using a USB cable.

Can you charge psp 1000 with usb?