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Q: What isa three letter word for mistake?
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When does jinx 3 chapter 2 come out?

The answer to the this question is: Chapter 2 of jinx 3 comes out in the summer 2010. that isa ll i know!! please answer back when you know it.

Where is the submarine team aqua stole under water on Pokemon emerald?

idk but if u wanna find kyogrebeat the elete 4 then go see that scientist bak at the spot near the gym in the foresty area he will say there isa storm on the route go there then go under u will find a cave there awaits kyoger if u want groundon go bak to that docter after u have got kyogre and he will say wat rout groundon is on but ill be sure to find out wat routes exactly and inform u wen possible

How many animals start with X?

Animals beginning with the letter X:Xanclomys: a small mammal from the Paleocene of North America.Xanthareel: yellow eel.Xantis: a yak.Xantus: a bird.Xantus murrelet: a small seabird found in the California Current system in the Pacific Ocean.Xantusiidae: family of night lizards.Xeme: an artic fork-tailed gull.Xenarthra: a mammal in South America.Xenicidae: a family of New Zealand wrens.Xenipirostris: genus of birds from Madagascar.Xenopeltidae: family of reptiles including sunbeam snake- Xenopeltis.Xenops: a rain forest bird from the Americas.Xenopterygii: order of fishes including clingfishes.Xenopus: a South African clawed frog (name means "strange foot").Xenurine: a species of armadillo; a cabassou.Xenurus unicinctus: an armadillo native of the tropical parts of South America.Xerarthra: mammel related to slothXerus: a type of ground squirrel from Africa.Xiphias: a swordfish.Xiphias GladiusXiphosuran: a horseshoe crab.Xoloitzcuintli: a dog.Xoni: mystical creature.X-Ray fish: Pristella maxillarisX-Ray tetra: Pristella maxillarisXylophone Cat: A cat that is only by legend but some claim to have seen it.X: Parailia pellucidaXami Hairstreak:Callophrys xami, Callophrys xami texamiXanthippe's Shrew:Crocidura xantippeXantic Sargo:Anisotremus davidsoniiXantus Leaf-Toed Gecko: Phyllodactylus xantiXantus Swimming Crab:Portunus xantusiiXantus's Hummingbird:Basilinna xantusiiXantus's Murrelet:Synthliboramphus hypoleucusXeniades Swallowtail:Mimoides xeniadesXenarthrans: The superorder Xenarthra isa group of placental mammalsXenoclea Longwing:Heliconius melpomene xenocleaXenocrates Leafwing:Polygrapha xenocratesXenoposeidonXenotarsosaurusXerces Blue:Glaucopsyche lygdamus xerces, Glaucopsyche xercesXeric Ambersnail:Succinea indianaXestia BadicollisXestia ElimataXestus Fangblenny:Petroscirtes xestusXestus Sabretooth Blenny: Petroscirtes xestusXiaosaurus: plant eating dinasour from jurassaic periodXingu Corydoras:Corydoras xinguensisXingu River Ray:Potamotrygon leopoldiXinjiangovenatorXinjiani Ground-Jay:Podoces biddulphiX-L Spring Tui Chub:Gila bicolor oregonensisXuanhanosaurusXuanhuaceratopsXuanhuasaurusXuthus Swallowtail:Papilio xuthusXanthostigma - Longfin Sanddab fishXantusia henshawi - Granite Night Lizard

Can you rate my Pokemon Pearl Team Raichu Infernape Octillery Weavile Staraptor Garchomp?

Raichu- Good choice of electric Pokemon, adds a touch, but not extremely strong, fast but not strong. Infernape- Well balanced and a good choice. Octillery- I would have gone with a different Water Pokemon. Weaville- Very good and important member Staraptor- Fast and has decent strength Garchomp- I'd stick with Dragonite. Garchomp has the ground part to him, which is good because of the no lightning factor. But dragons are already take 1/2 of lightning damage. And Water and alot others. So the 4x ice and normal grass and water damage isn't a better add. I'd say you have a decent balance of power. Ofcourse I'm speakin as if they was EV trained, had good helpful items attached. But in a battle with someone using legendaries you would have trouble. I'd advise a team of non legendaries, a team of legendaries and a team of double battlers Kyogre and Raiku make a great team both can use thunder, kyogres rain makes it hit 100% and rain makes electric do more, kyogre with mystic water or something ot make water stronger and raiku with magnet isa deadly good combo

How do you hack sp in special force?

Ok i will teach you how to hack sp in special force...but Only Major rank and up can use sp hack because if your rank is lower that major the GM will investigate your account, or in shortly debug as in BANNED... ok let's proceed 1st step.- Go to to download the special force hack 2nd step.- if you in that site the hack will automatically download so after you download it extract it by using winRAR. 3rd step.- after that open the "SFSPECOINHACK". 4th step.- login on your account.and then put the ecoin and sp you want and then start it. 5th step.- now there's a box appearing on your screen. Press it OK. 6th step.-now open special force and login your account you log in in SFSPECOINHACK see you have the sp and ecoin you put. so buy and buy you want hahaah HAPPY HACKING... PS *NOTE: only works this hack in major rank and up... *wag maniwala sa mga ganto,,,, ginag@go lang kayo sa mga ganto,,,, wala namang nangyari sa character ko,,, na sell lahat ng baril q,,, na change pass pa ung isa,,,double bar kac with gold PSG1 pa,,, wag nalang kayo maniwala,,, _tnx_

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What does the German word Isa mean?

There is no German word "Isa". It could be a short form of the name "Isabell".

Three minerals found in mount isa?

silver, lead and zinc are all found in Mount Isa

What is the Tagalog word for enumeration?

Tagalog word of enumeration: isa-isahin

What is the tagalog word of number 21?

Dalawampu't Isa

Is walker a verb or not?

The word "walker" isa noun, "walk" is a verb.

What is imma isa isa?


What is a Girl's name beginning with letter i?

Isabella India Imogen Ina Isa Isabel Ivy

What are some pictures that begin with the letter K?

isa lang ang sagot dyan kalyo

What is the Tagalog word for to a lost one?

Tagalog translation of LOST ONE: nawawalang isa

What is the Filipino words of number 11?

The Filipino word for 11 is "labing-isa". Labing is a prefix corresponding to the English language suffix "-teen", used for numbers 13-19, indicating that it is something-and-ten. Isa is the Filipino word for "one".