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idk but if u wanna find kyogrebeat the elete 4 then go see that scientist bak at the spot near the gym in the foresty area he will say there isa storm on the route go there then go under u will find a cave there awaits kyoger if u want groundon go bak to that docter after u have got kyogre and he will say wat rout groundon is on but ill be sure to find out wat routes exactly and inform u wen possible

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Q: Where is the submarine team aqua stole under water on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get to the underwater cave in Pokemon emerald?

how 2 get in the under warter cave on Pokemon emerald

Where do you find the stolen submarine in emerald?

It's in a cave under water. It's near sootpolis.

Where to get ranaceth in Pokemon Emerald?

under sootopolis

Pokemon emerald battle frontier Pokemon under the boulder?

its not under a boulder its smeargle and there everywhere in artisan cave.

How do you get a gilgar in Pokemon Pearl?

you have too be under the bridge on the bike route with Pokemon emerald in your ds.

Where is the desert under pass on Pokemon emerald?

try the marig tower

Where does the subarene go in Pokemon emerald?

there hide out under the sea you have to have dive to get there

Where do you buy Pokemon emerald for under 20.00?

gamestop is 4.99 or ebay.

Do you know the secret code to get in to the under water lair on Pokemon emerald?


How do you go under water in Pokemon diamond?

You don't. That is only in Emerald version.

What Pokemon can the good rod get in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon you can get with the good rod are: TENTACOOL, MARILL, MAGIKARP, CHINCHOU ( under-water ) and CORPHISH.

Where is the sub in Pokemon emerald?

it is in sootopolis city but under water in satapolis city Museum