What is xrpmx13 server ip?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is xrpmx13 server ip?
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What hunger games server does AntVenom play on?

He plays on Xprpmx13's server (IP: but he has a different username so he doesn't get targeted. You could work out it's him by seeing if Xrpmx13 is teamed with someone but then it could also be CaptainSparklez who also plays on the same server

What is captain sparkles server?

Does captain sparkles have a minecraft server?

No, but he plays on Xrpmx13's server quite alot to play hunger games

How do you get a server IP?

A server IP is an address that you use on the internet. You can also use it for minecraft. By the way, wat is zackscott's server ip? You don't have to answer it

What is cod 4 alien mod server ip 1.7?

no ip server

How do you make a minecraft server ip?

You put in the ip on the server_properties page of a server

What is a Minecraft server ip?

A minecraft server IP is what you type in to join a specific server. A good one is

What is notchs server ip?

Notch currently does not have a server just for himself, therefore he does not have a server ip.

What is the server IP address for mineplex Minecraft server?

Which command defines the hosts that can provide an ip naming server?

ip name-server

What is noahcraftsminecrsft server ip?

NoahCraftFTW's server ip is in his words the best minecraft server there is was and will always be for the forseeable future

What is an ip on minecraft?

It is a special number for each server, decided by the computer that the server is hosted on. The ip can be changed by the server owner