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good question, but what usually happens is it is eaither scrathced or something in your gaming system scratches the disk.

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Q: What is wrong when you try to load a game it tries to load but wont advance?
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Why won't my Visual Boy Advance load my saved game?

You may have the wrong version of the Visual Boy Advance.

How do you load data in harvest moon Game Boy Advance?

go to countiue

What does it mean when a psp does not load the game?

Its broken or you can take it to game stop and they check whats wrong with it

Why won't VisualBoy Advance load any of my games?

The game intros should start as soon as it is opened.

You are on Roller Coaster Tycoon by best of infogrames and you cant load your game What is wrong?

please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why cant i load a save game which i downloaded on my VBA mac?

My problem is this. ive downloaded Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 for mac It works fine with my pokemon emerald game. I can save and load my own saves. However i need a complete save. I downloaded one and converted it to .sgm My rom is called Pokemon Emerald.gba and my save is Pokemon Emerald1.sgm This means that when i press F1 it tries to load the save. However it says its incompatible or something. Please help me. this is urgent

Your harvest moon game for the game boy advance says only start on the menu screen?

If you press start you can go to options in your game and it should say Save/Load and then you can load up your game. I just wish I knew how to skip all the crap in the beginning

When you load Pokemon ruby version it load white in gba?

If the screen is just white when you put in the game, there may be something wrong with the GBA or cartridge.

How do you get points to load on battlefield bad company 2?

they will just load it takes lots of tries but it will load eventually,

When i start my Yu-gi-oh Reshef of destruction rom i don't get the choice to load and i cant exit the credits after beating the game so i can't load my game with VGA game?

why don't you try getting a Visual Boy Advance Emulator instead? and if you STILL cant load it, try saving your state instead ;) much more convenient

How long should it take to load rock band on PS2?

The video game, Rock Band, should only take a couple of minutes to load on your PS2. If it takes longer than that, there may be something wrong with the game or your console.

How do you use a Game Boy advance gamesharks?

you enter it into your system then load it up like on ds put it in turn it on a load it up then put your codes in you enter it into your system then load it up like on ds put it in turn it on a load it up then put your codes in