What is updating in minecraft 1.8?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bleh, where to start where to start. Well there are new food items like melons, pumpkins, steak, and chicken. Including food, a food bar has been added that will increase your health when it is full. Along with the food bar is an EXP bar. A whole new world generator that makes biomes bigger and more realistic. Random ravines and villages will be spawned (NPC's will be in the villages in 1.9). Strongholds (Underground chambers) have been randomly been spawning (You can only pretty much see one once in a life time). Bow animations, eating animations, sprint option, and a creative mode, just have fun and build. There's alot more but thats all the major ones

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Q: What is updating in minecraft 1.8?
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Why is minecraft down on 18.1.2012?

It is probably updating

How do you get minecraft to work without updating your drivers?

sorry it cant be played with out updating your driver bummer :(

When is minecraft xbox 360 edition updating?

Couple Weeks

When you open Minecraft and log in it always freezes at the Updating Minecraft screen How do you fix this?

It's just the way it is

When did notch stop updating minecraft?

it was announced on decemer 2, 2011

When i log onto minecraft 1.7.3 it says updating. then it says updating complete or done updating. after that it just stays like that. Anyone know why or how i can prevent this from happening?

Try clicking options in the log in menu and do "Force Update". If that doesnt work, try going into your files, search "%appdata% and delete your .minecraft folder. Then go to minecraft again and it should re-install all the updates.

Why is minecraft for free shutting down?

No. Minecraft cannot be shut down. But if you mean if it will stop updating, that will not be any time soon

How do you stop the thing that dos'ent let you go on the game minecraft?

You should try opening it and then updating it, that makes it not only update but also repairs Minecraft.

Is there minecraft for the new i pod touch?

Yes it is they keep on updating the same app to higher IOS's.

How did Mojang make Minecraft?

The spent users developing it, and are still updating it to make it even better!

How do you go to the aether world on Minecraft?

OMG the aether is a mod its not in vanilla minecraft and the people who made the aether mod sopped updating it a long time ago.

Does force updating minecraft delete the save files?

No, of course not. Force updating only makes the game redownload the game files in the /bin/ folder. Your game saves aren't in that folder.