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Those letters spell membrane.

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Q: What is unscramble term of Marbemen it is related to cell structure?
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What is related to the structure of the cell?

a bed

The structure of a cell is most closely related to what?

It's structure

How is the function and structure of a red blood cell related?

A red blood cell has no nucleus and a biconcave shape. This structure allows it to carry oxygen more efficiently.

What type of cell organelle is similar in structure to a radiator?

the coils of radiator provide a large surface area from which heat is radiated in to a room which a cell organelles have a structure similar to that of radiator? how is their structure related to their function

What is the structure that surrounds a cell and controls what enters and leaves the cell?

The structure that controls traffic to and from the cell is the plasma membrane. It is not to be confused with the cell wall, which serves more to give structure to the cell.

How are cell phones related to math?

cell phones usually have calculators on them which can do math...also the structure of the phone uses measurements and stuff :3

What Conclusion about cell structure?

It's the cell theory

A plant cell's cell wall does something for the cell What does it do?

It gives the cell structure and shape

What is the structure the cell?

The Cell Structure is basically a cell with a nucleolus, ribosomses, lysosomoes, and etc. The cell structure has all of these objects or things put together in the cell to make a single cell work.

How are the paramecium cell structure like?

The cell structure of the paramecium does not change.

How does structure relate to functions?

Cell structure determines cell function

Analyze how are structure and function related to adaptation?

you need an structure and each part of it has a function like an animal formated or structured by cells and each cell has to adapt to its own function