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sootopolis city

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Q: What is under that huge dive spot surrounded by rocks in Pokemon ruby?
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How do you get to sootopolis in Pokemon emerald?

surf south from mossdeep you see a ring of rocks dive under and voila

How do you get to the braille cave in Pokemon Ruby?

You go to Pacifidlog town and surf west. Make sure you stay close to the bottom and eventually you will reach a dive spot surrounded by six rocks. Dive down and follow the path. Dive up in front of the braille, and there you are, in the sealed chamber or "braille cave".

How do you get to the big dive spot in the ocean currents in Pokemon emerald?

get a water Pokemon yhe TM dive and well dive under the water

Where relincath in Pokemon Ruby?

in the under water use dive

Where does the subarene go in Pokemon emerald?

there hide out under the sea you have to have dive to get there

How do you go under ground in Pokemon ruby?

you cant go underground but you can go under water by using the move dive. you get dive in mossdeep city

Where is the Braille cave?

The braille cave is south-west of Paciflidog, use HM dive when you see a dark patch of water surrounded by six rocks.

Where to find under water cave near mossdeep in Pokemon ruby?

If your talking about seafloor Cavern,its actually closer Sootopolis and Ever Grande. Use dive in all the deep spots, there should be one surrounded by this ring shaped island. Dive next to it and find your way around.

How do you get Pokemon relicanth?

In Pokemon sapphire u dive under water near that town were u have to dive to get to it and walk thourgh that seaweed or grass eventually u'll find it

How do you get clampear in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get one from various places when you dive under water

How do you stay under water forever in Pokemon black?

use dive man

Can a Pokemon GO under water in ruby?

Yes, by using the HM Dive.