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how to get Dive HM8

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Q: Where will you get Dive in Pokemon victory fire?
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How do you get dive balls in Pokemon platinum?

on your way to victory road, in the water you will see a poke ball that is a dive ball

How does magmar evolve in Victory Fire?

i also have a question where do you get magby in pokemon victory fire

What are the gift Pokemon in Pokemon victory fire?


How do you get dive on poke'mon Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can not get dive in pokemon leaf green or fire red so don't try to get it because you can't.

How do you evolve litwick in Pokemon victory fire?


How many legendary Pokemon are there in victory fire?


How do you get the TM dive in the Pokemon FireRed?

There's no TM dive in pokemon fire red but there is in emerald, saphirre and ruby. But the way is to level up pokemon (seel level 41,dewgong level 45) to get TM dive (in firered).

How can you cross the victory road in Pokemon fire red?

get all the badges

Is a luxury ball good in Pokemon emerald?

depends how you use it, and what for. If, for instance, it was a dive ball and you used it on a fire pokemon, it would be crap.

What is the site cheat codes for Pokemon victory fire?

how to get 99 rare candy

What are the best Pokemon to go up against the Pokemon league in fire red?

Throught Victory Road :P

How do you get Dive in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to teach it to a water Pokemon and then go to Pokemon, select the Pokemon you taught it to and you can dive.