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stile or turnstile

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Q: What is the word for stairs that go up and over a fence?
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How can I get to the P2 Laboratory in Pokemon Black?

go to route 1 there will be a section of water then go the currents which will be to far left then there will be an island go up the stairs trough the grass then go down the stairs to the left then there will be an area of sand now there will be a tiny set of stairs go up then then there will be a set of stairs to the right go down then yet again there will be stairs to the right then go to the water. go to current that is shortest and then you'll be at the p2 laboratory.

Where is team galactics warehouse in platinum?

start at the veilstone city Pokemon center. go down the stairs then move left. then you have a choice to keep going strait or move up. take the choice to go up then you will have to immeditly go left again and then move up again. if you keep moving up you will see a bunch of crates with green roofs with a fence around them but the ware house is the house with the green roof with stairs leading up to it. hope this helped!

How do you jump a fence on Zelda Wii?

On epona you just make her go faster just before you are at the fence then bam you've jumped the fence.

How do you make stairs on sims 3?

go to the build mode and when you do the base of the house, there should be a small picture of stairs, if you click on that, it will bring up the stairs.

Where is the move deleter in Pokemon Sapphire?

He's in lilycove city. Just go up the stairs and over to the right, and next to the Department Store, there is a house. Go in and the move deleter in there.

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How do you get to the rumination field in pinwheel forest?

First you cross the bridge there, then you go to the opening in the fence{first}on the right. Go down the first set of stairs, then turn right. Once you get to the two flights of stairs, go up. After that, circle around and you are there!

Where is a place you go up and the word is in Christmas tree?


Nautical word meaning to a lower position?

To go below would be the equivalent of to go down stairs

Where is mt chemney..pokemon emerald?

this is how to go to mt chimney. you go to lavaridge town and jump down the ledges that are on the right of the town. then you go up the stairs that are above you, past the hikers, through the fence and into the building you see. there is a woman there. talk to her and she will let you ride on the cable car. once you get to the top, you go down to the fence and go through it and you are at mt chimney.

How do you the word throes in a sentence?

He was in a throes when he was trying to go up the stairs with a broken leg

How do you get riolu in white or black?

Go to challengers cave and go down the stairs go over the water and you will run into a riolu

Where is turn back cave in pearl?

for this you will require a national dex. go to spring path and go down to where there is a gap in the fence go in and you he that you will need rock climb on a wall . go up it , and there will be stairs. go down them and you will see a hole to turn back cave

What was a spiral staircase used for?

To go up and down stairs. And to fall over. NANA

What do you do with the electric fence on Nabooti Island?

At the Diamond Mines, you need a hardhat. Go to the electric fence control. Turn the switch, and run as fast as you can to the left. Climb the conveyor and jump over to the hole in the fence.

What word can go before fence table party and pump?

sidefence sidetable sideparty sidepump

If a baseball hits the top of the fence and then bounce back and hits the outfileder in the head and then go over the fence is ti a home run or double?

Home run.

Is it a burglary if you climb over a fence but don't go in a building?

Sounds more like trespassing.