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Q: What is the word for a difficult journey?
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Is journeys a common noun?

The word journey with its lowercase first letter is a common noun because it can refer to any journey. The word Journey with an uppercase first letter is a proper noun when used as the name of a specific entity such as the rock band Journey or a Dodge Journey automobile.

Where does the word trek come from trek come from?

It is an Africaans word, meaning 'to travel by ox-waggon' or 'a long and difficult journey'. Taken from Dutch, trekken, meaning 'to march'

What type of noun is the word Journey?

The noun 'journey' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a concept; a word for a thing.The word 'journey' is also a verb: journey, journeys, journeying, journeyed.

Why was the journey to Kentucky difficult?

it was difficult because they didn't have much food on there way to Kentucky.

What people were sure to experience if they traveled west after the Civil War?

A difficult journy to get there.

What is the korean word for journey?

여행 = journey

How is the word Odyssey related to Odysseus journey?

The word odyssey is related to odysseus journey because the word odyssey means a long journey and odysseus journey home took him 20 years

What were people sure to experience if they have traveled west after the civil war?

a difficult journy to get there

What is the base word that means to go on a journey?

The base word for "to go on a journey" is "travel."

What word beginning with q describes a journey?

"Quest" is a word that starts with Q and describes a journey

What did the cyclopes do to get back at Odysseus?

Have poseidon make his journey difficult

What might be the most difficult part in the journey?

the roads and the others