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The Wilderness has changed over the years, back when RuneScape 2 came out the wilderness was a place where you would be able to fight other player and get their items. there was this thing called the skull system, if you were skulled you would lose all your items and WOULD NOT keep the normal 3 items that you usually kept. to get a skull you would to of had to attempt to kill another player before that player attempted to kill you. On December 10th, 2007 Jagex (Creators of RuneScape) removed free trade and the wilderness as the players knew it. then a year or so afterwards, Jagex introduced Player Vs Player (PVP) Worlds. where it brought back most of the ideas of the wilderness except, you fought through out all of RuneScape and if you were Free 2 Play (F2P) you had to risk 26k to get any sort of good loot and Pay 2 Play (P2P) had to risk 76k. They also had a volcano in the center of the wilderness where they had a mini game called bounty hunter (BH, where you instead of just killing random people you would fight people that the game system would set you up with, these become know as "Targets". after a while they edited PVP and BH so they both had their own designated world. PVP Had its own worlds where when u entered you automatically became skulled, and BH had 2 types of worlds one was a risk all world, the other was a +1 world where if you died you got to keep one of your items. as of January 17th, 2011, Jagex made an announcement that as of February 1st, 2011, the old wilderness and old free trade, just like it was before December 10th, 2007, would be brought back for all to enjoy again. the decision to bring back the wilderness, has made a lot of people very happy and and a lot very sad or scared, the reason they are happy is because the game is returning to how it was before the major update of 2007, but also a lot of people scared because they say the economy would be thrown off balance and everything would either drop really far down or rise really far up. so this is what the wilderness has been and will be for the time being. also the reason Jagex took out the wilderness and free trade was a lot of people were abusing it and companies were selling money to players so they took it out so that couldn't happen any more, so do i think they will take it out again, i don't know, time will tell.

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Q: What is the wilderness in RuneScape?
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Where is the west of wilderness in RuneScape?

The west of the wilderness is west of runescape, as you can see by looking at your compass on runescape's window, but you can tell because west wilderness has the agility course.

How was the RuneScape wilderness ditch made?

the runescape wilderness ditch was just made by jagex, i know because i was on the world that was updating i was by the wilderness edge and after the update there in front of me was the wilderness ditch

What world is the wilderness in RuneScape?

You can go to the Wilderness in any world.

Can the cannon be used in the wilderness in runescape?

no, the cannon can't be used in the wilderness

Were is the best place to pk on runescape?

The Wilderness.

How do you get to bounty hunter at on runescape?

its in the centre of the wilderness

Is there a game abit like Runescape but with the old wilderness where you get the items the other person died with?

Runescape! The old wilderness is back now. Players do drop their items when dead.

Where is the corpral beast on runescape?

North of the Ruins in the Wilderness

Where can you find hell hounds in runescape?

The Wilderness volcano.

Are there any games like runescape with the old wilderness?

There are private servers which are like Runescape clones but they can be very different from old Runescape.

Where do you pick the wheat in RuneScape?

Out side the cook's guild or everywhere around runescape except the wilderness part.

What level of wilderness in runescape can you unlock the music track dangerous?

go to the chaos temple and go in the wilderness when your about in level 30 wilderness you will get the song