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i dont remember what cave it is but you only run into solrock/lunatone (depending on game) in that cave and it is the only place to catch them

Umm...the weakness..type disadvantage is (they are physic rock types) steel moves..grass moves, water. Ground attacks would've been effective too but since they both levitate bleh..=)

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Q: What is the weakness of sol rock and lunatone in Pokemon sapphire?
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What type of Pokemon is lunatone?

Lunatone is a Rock and Psychic type pokemon.

How do you catch a lunatone in Pokemon pearl?

you have to insert sapphire and then go to spring valley and then keep on following the path and use rock climb and go left and when you find a chimecho you should be able to find a lunatone after

What is the national pokedex number for Lunatone?

Lunatone is #337 in the national pokedex, and it is a Rock-Psychic type Pokemon.

On Pokemon sapphire On Pokemon sapphire vershen how do you get the hm rock climb?

Rock Climb doesn't exist in Sapphire. It actually exist in Emerald so trade a Pokemon from Emerald to Sapphire that has rock climb!

What is the weakness of rock Pokemon?

there weakness is Grass,water and rock

What is the weakness of a rock Pokemon?


What are rock Pokemon weakness?

Rock Pokemon's weakness is water types so in the game choose the water starter

What is a flying type Pokemon weakness?

The weakness of flying type Pokemon is Ice, Electric and Rock.

Where can you learn rockclimb on Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no rock climb in pokemon saphire, but there is a rock climb in pokemon diamond and pearl.

What is the weakness of rock type Pokemon?

Water type Pokemon have the advantage.

How do you smash rugged rocks in Pokemon Sapphire version how do you break rugged rocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

HM06 Rock Smash

Where is nosepass in Pokemon sapphire?

Nosepass is a rare Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sapphire. It can only be found by using Rock Smash on boulders in Granite Cave.