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Electric types. ( If a birds get shocked, it gets killed.)

Ice Types. ( If birds get frozen they fall to the ground.)

Rock types. ( Chucking rocks at birds...)

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Q: What is the weakness of flying types?
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What is machokes weakness?

Flying types

What is the weakness to an electric Pokemon?

Water and Flying types.

What is the weakness of a fighting type Pokemon?

Fighting types are weak against phsycic and flying types

What is super effective against altaria?

Altaria is a dragon and flying type, so: 4x: ice (both dragon and flying types are weak) 2x: dragon (weakness of dragon type) and rock (weakness of flying type) Note dragon types are resistant to electric attacks so it will not be super effective.

What is the weakness of steel Pokemon?

flying types weaknesses are rock type and electric type.

What types beat hippowdon?

Hippowdon is a Ground type, meaning that the following types beat it.WaterGrassIceFlying (Even though it is not a weakness, Ground types can not attack a flying type.)

What is Honchkrow weakness?

Since Honchkrow is a Dark/Flying-type, its weaknesses are Electric, Rock, Ice, and Fairy-types.

What is a flying type Pokemon weakness?

The weakness of flying type Pokemon is Ice, Electric and Rock.

What is the weakness of fighting type pokemon?

fighting type pokemons weakness are psychic and flying moves steel is weak aageinst water fire fighting and ground

How do you beat your friend's Heracross with an Empoleon?

I'd recommend using flying type attacks, as Heracross has a x2 weakness to these types of attacks.

What is flying weak against in Pokemon white?

A flying type Pokemon's weakness is an electric type Pokemon.

What is the weakness of a grass type Pokemon?

Fire,Ice,Poison,Flying,&Bug.I personally Hate grass types because they have so many weaknesses