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I do have a VIP code, but I'm not sure if it works:


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Q: What is the vip code to become a VIP in barbie-girls?
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What is the code to became a vip in barbiegirls?

heres one 5e7hh93f0nbodheghjk bye!

How do you be a vip in barbiegirls without using credit card?

you need a barbiegirls mp3 and theres a code under it and then type the code

Where to find clothes for your barbiegirl even thoe your not a vip?

actually,no,you can buy things even if you are not VIP using barbiegirls,the old barbiegirls,but now that barbiegirls vip is here now they stopped,hey guys do you think barbiegirls should be just barbiegirls and without VIP?GREAT!because,i didn't even get to buy stuff with barbiegirls!i haven't used the old barbie girls!i haven't bought any fashion!,well except for one,actually i logged in nessyz,she is vip but now the new account for nessyz is expired. Screen name:nessyz that is all and guys i can't find any vip accounts that are not expired or banned. sorry.nezzys is banned.even her new account.lets team up so we can change barbiegirls to the way it was,make youtube vids,search:how can we make barbiegirls back to the way it was?,and make a website that can change barbiegirls,or make a new website for barbiegirls,change this answer and put your new website barbiegirls.

How do you unlocked room barbiegirls?

u must be VIP to unlock your roomif ur not vip, you can just visit other girls rooms :)

Can you have a barbiegirls vip account?

Username: Mollycoddles Secret Answer: Molly ENJOY!!

What are animal cheats for barbiegirls?

there are no cheats for animals because only VIP can do that

Can someone give ME a VIP account for barbiegirls?

I have one! It is:username:cupcake1201 password:lillySA:delaware

What are some cheat codes for barbiegirls party?

go to a vip girls room

How do you get vip tickets?

Become a VIP.

Is anyone giving away a free vip account on barbiegirls?

I made all of you guys a VIP account :)! Username-ChinaBeauty Secret Answer-China ENJOY!

What is the VIP code for the bunny VIP?


How do you become VIP on Roblox?

You cannot become a VIP for the entire site of Roblox, but you can become VIP on individual games. To become a VIP simply buy the VIP t-shirt for the game you want to be VIP on. Then go you your character and put the t-shirt on to become a VIP.