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To shear your sheep With better wool results

It also Causes more stress

so if you use them make sure you

Shear the sheep outside to

prevent it getting sick because

Of Stress

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Q: What is the use for electric clippers in harvest moon?
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How do you use the boat in harvest moon ds cute?

Until you Purchase the Millionaire Island, You cannot use the boat in Harvest Moon D.S. And Harvest Moon D.S. Cute.

What should you use to shave cat scratches into your eyebrow?

Electric clippers.

How do you upgrade the clippers in Harvest Moon DS?

You upgrade them just by using them. If you go to your stats and touch your picture at the top, there will be a bar for milking and a bar for sheering. Everytime you use them, they slowly upgrade. After a while, you'll get to a next level.

How do you use a makers shead on Harvest moon?

Please tell me how too use a makers shead on harvest moon. Because I want to make cheese!

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This appears to have been corrected in the English version of Harvest Moon DS Cute. Sorry, but you cannot use the 'Shearing Cheat' In harvest Moon CD cute.

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Use your Sickle to cut the fully grown Grass.

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What kitchen tool do you use to make cookies in harvest moon?

An oven

How do you put out a bonfire in harvest moon animal parade?

Use your watering can on it.

On harvest moon DS what sort of fruit do you need to make cake?

To make Cake on Harvest Moon you can use any fruit; apple, grape, banana, ETC.

How do we unlocked characters in harvest moon friends of mineral town in harvest moon cute if we use PC not Nd's?

You can't. You can get to see mineral town characters in town if you connect your GBA game in the gameboy game slot, while playing Harvest Moon, but that's it