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Q: What material do you use to make the pond on harvest moon?
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Were is the harvest goodest in harvest moon island of happiness?

She is in the pond left to the chapel. You must make an offering to her.

Where is the harvest goddess pond on harvest moon tot?

it is near the huge tree that is goddes pond

Where is the pond in harvest moon island of happiness?

you can get the pond by unlocking the left island and it has the harvest goddess but you can only get her by throwing an item in it

How do you get a duck in harvest moon DS?

You get Gotz the Wodcutter to make you a pond then the ducks will be available in the poultry farm.

How do you get the harvest goddesst on harvest moon ds?

Collect 60 Harvest Sprites and she will be rescued and once she is rescued she can be found in the pond by the Harvest Sprite Tree but only if you throw something into her pond.

Does it matter what material you use to build the pond on harvest moon?

If you mean in Harvest Moon DS or DS Cute, then yes. You must use Material Stone to build the Pond. No other material will work. In HMDS and Cute, you're not given any choice. There's no way to build the pond out of anything but stone- Gotz (the builder/woodcutter) doesn't give you the choice. I know it looks quite weird on your building page if you've built everything else out of Golden Lumber (as I managed to do) or another material, but the pond will never break. In answer to your question, nah. Don't worry about it.

Where is the harvest goddess on harvest moon ds cute?

You will not be able to meet her until you rescue 60 Harvest Sprites. After that you can find her by tossing an offering into the Goddess Pond. The Goddess Pond is the small pond by the Sprite Tree House.

What material is the farm pond made out of in harvest moon ds?

you can choose the one you like the materials from worst to best fodder-->lumber-->stone-->golden lumber

Where is the Harvest goddess pond in harvest moon DS?

hope u find it! hope u find it!

Where can i get the metal ore in harvest moon back to nature?

In the mine behind the waterfall/harvest goddess pond

Where to fish on harvest moon ds?

You can fish in any body of water, including the Goddess pond and Turtle pond.

Where do you find the harvest goddess havest moon ds?

Rescue 60 Harvest Sprites. Then you will be able to see her by tossing an offering into the Goddess Pond. The Goddess Pond is the small pond near the Sprite Tree House.