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Q: What is the three letter word for hula hoop?
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What are three sentences for the word hoop?

He threw the ball into the hoop.I have lost my hula hoop.She likes hoop earrings for some reason.

How do you use the word hoop in a sentence?

I got a hula hoop for Christmas! That metal ring on the barrel is called a hoop.

What is a four letter word for a basketball hoop?


how do you use the word trend in a phrase?

I sure hope our economy hits an upward trend soon! The popularity of the hula hoop was not a short-lived trend, after all.

What is four letter word for circle?

ring, band, hoop

What is meant by the word gyration?

The word gyration means the rotation of an item around another item, for example, the Earth's yearly rotation around the Sun. Another example would be a child's use of the hula hoop.

What is the origin of the Hebrew word hula?

Hula is a Hawaiian word. It has no connection to Hebrew at all.

What is the Spanish word for hula?

Hula is the same in Spanish as it is in English.

Is hoop a noun?

Yes the word 'hoop' is both a noun (hoop, hoops) and a verb (hoop, hoops, hooping, hooped).The noun hoop is a word for a circular band made of rigid material, a word for a thing.The verb to hoop is to surround, support, or bind with a hoop.

What words can you make from seven letters?

One seven letter word, One two letter word and a five letter word, One three letter word and a four letter word, One three letter word and two two letter words, Two three letter words, Three two letter words, A two letter word and a four letter word, A six letter word, A two letter word and a three letter word, A five letter word, Two two letter words, A four letter word, A three letter word, or A two letter word.

How many syllables are in the word hula?

Hula has two syllables in it. The two are Hu and la.

What three letter words have an apostrophe after the first letter?

I've is a three letter word. I'll is another three letter word.