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It depends on how you look at the Pokemon stats. Plus, if you think your favorite water Pokemon is the strongest, then so be it.

Everyone has their own opinions.

By total base stats its a tie between Gyrados, kingdra, and milotic, they all have a total base stat of 540. But their individual stats arent exactly the same just overall its the same. Gyrados has the best attack among the three, and ties with milotic for the best HP. Just look up list of Pokemon by stats, and go to and it shows all Pokemon just look for the types on the list

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Q: What is the strongest water Pokemon non legendary?
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What is the strongest non-legendary Pokemon?


What is the strongest fighting Pokemon non legendary?


What is the strongest water Pokemon?

Kyogre is often considered the strongest Water-type Pokémon due to its high base stats and powerful moves like Origin Pulse. Its ability to control the weather with its Drizzle ability also gives it an advantage in battles.

Who is the strongest water type Pokemon?

There are many Water Type Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, however, there is only one strongest one. That Pokemon is Palkia. Palkia is one of the Main Storyline Legendaries in Pokemon Pearl, it is a Water/Dragon Type. If you are looking for the strongest Non-Legendary, your best bet is Gyarados. Any exceptions?

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Reshiram. But if you make any other Pokemon stronger than it by level, yes, then it will be that Pokemon. But if you look to it by the side of legends and legendary power, it is Reshiram.

What is the strongest non legendary at lv 100 in Pokemon diamond?

Probably either Spiritomb or Garchomp

What is the best water type Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Sapphire?

Best non-legendary water pokemon would be Gyarados. Best legendary water pokemon is Kyogre.

What are the strongest non legendary pokemon?

I can give my opinion on the strongest non legendary pokemon but that's all it'd be as each pokemon has a certain weakness (except magikarp of course) and so you can't truly say this is stronger than that pokemon. is a list of all the pokemon listed in order of their total base stats and according to that list, the non-legendary with the highest stats is slaking.

Who is the best dragon type Pokemon in Emerald?

The strongest dragon type in pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby, is the legendary pokemon Rayquaza. In terms of non-legendary pokemon, both salamance and flygon are strong dragon types.

What is the strongest non legendary Pokemon in emerald?

Metagross with all-physical moves + agilityAnswerI think its Salamance,Milotic and maybe Metagross

Is Charizard a legendary water Pokemon?

no you dunderhead it is a non legendary fire-flying type that I think i also dragon

Who is the most powerful non lagendary Pokemon?

a Charizard level 100 Its actually a Feraligatr Level 100 Infernape Level 100 Missingno. (if you count it as a pokemon) Level 100 The Strongest Legendary is Arceus rapidash is the fastest non legendary and evolves from ponyta at lv 44 i believe but correct me if im wrong.