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to me totodile would be the strongest starter because it learns ice fang which grass is weak against and it has natural water moves that beat fire.

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Q: What is the strongest starter Pokemon in gold?
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What is the strongest Pokemon you can get with a level five starter Pokemon in ruby?

in my opinion, torchic or mudkip is the strongest.

What is the strongest starter Pokemon?

Tortera because is the only starter Pokemon that can learn earthquake witch is powerful.

What Pokemon should you end up with in Pokemon gold version?

Todadile when he's a feralagator he's the strongest starter Pokemon if you train him well DO NOT GET CHICKORITA it sucks even though its cute

What is the strongest starter Pokemon in Johto?

It is a completely a opinion

Who is Ash's strongest Pokemon?

Pikachu has the most experience in battles and is the strongest starter Ash has.

Hints for ruby on Pokemon?

Train your starter and other of the strongest Pokemon you have often.

Who is the strongest starter Pokemon?

Well, it depends on what game but the fire Pokemon always has the strongest stats but it depends on your playing style

Who is the strongest Pokemon starter in LeafGreen?

no strongest. just depends on who has the type advantage in a battle. they're all great pokemon!

What are the strongest starter in Pokemon heartgold soulsilver totadile.?

Technically Cyndiquil is the strongest but it all depends on what type of Pokemon you want.

Can you get Sinnoh starter Pokemon after the Hoenn starter Pokemon in heart gold?

no u can't

Who is the strongest Pokemon on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

you're starter Pokemon lv 100

What do you do after you get the third Pokemon starter in Pokemon heart gold?

Train it.