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It should be 60 000 000 by 60 000 000 (that is 60 million) blocks.

One of the proves is that if you go to any of the minecraft 1.8. versions and type this command: "/worldborder set >59 999 999" (so any number smaller than 60 000 000 and bigger than 0) Minecraft will resize the border but it will also show you a message that the border's size was changed from 60 million blocks (to whatever you have written).

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Q: What is the size of a Minecraft world?
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What version did Minecraft get infinate terrian?

When minecraft went into beta version. In alpha the world was a set size.

What is the world size in minecraft xbox?

1000 by 1000 blocks.

How do you get in to the biggest minecraft world?

Almost any world is infinite but they are all the same size. :)

How much is one block in minecraft in the real world?

Minecraft blocks don't have any material value, but their dimensions are around 4cm*4cm*4cm. A fully generated Minecraft world would have a larger size than Neptune.

What is the size of the full Minecraft download?

The size of the download for Minecraft is 258 KB.

Why does Minecraft show my world as 3mb but the folder is 12mb?

It's a glitch. Just look at the folder for the actual size.

How many GB is the full version of Minecraft?

The latest version of Minecraft 1.8 (10/24/2014) is under 20 Megabytes but increases in size as you play, the world is infinitely growing as you explore so the size of the game can be quite different for two people.

Is there such thing as the Ether World in Minecraft?

Yes there is such thing as the Ether World in Minecraft.

What is the size of a Minecraft block to scale?

A minecraft block is 1 Meter to scale in real life.

What is a underwater world seed for Minecraft?

An underwater world seed for Minecraft is used to open an underwater world to play the game in.

How do I transfer the items I have on my singleplayer minecraft world to a multiplayer minecraft world?

Sorry it's probaly not possible ):

Is Minecraft used all over the world?

Yes, Minecraft is global.