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Sorry it's probaly not possible ):

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Q: How do I transfer the items I have on my singleplayer minecraft world to a multiplayer minecraft world?
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How do you get items without retyping it every time on Minecraft Beta Multiplayer?

There is no other way. The only way to get free items in multiplayer is to have to type it. Sorry!

What does a mod on Minecraft do?

Either it enhances the experience like the aether or mo'creatures mod,or cheats it like too many items mod and singleplayer commands.

How do you transfer items from creative to survival in minecraft 1.2.5?

you cant

How do you i trun off creative mode in singleplayer?

There is no way in vanilla Minecraft to change game modes. In order to change your gamemode, you must use mods, such as Singleplayer Commands or Too Many Items, which either one can change it. Happy Crafting!

What mods dor minecraft work on multiplayer servers?

All mods that dont add items/blocks to the game, or spawn items (cheat in anyway) will work

Is it safe to use too many items mod and singleplayer commands on minecraft?

Only if you are in single player. On most servers, if you try to use commands or too many items it will say that you are not able to use that command. If it does not and you get the items you may be banned from the server for cheating.

What Minecraft is best for mods?

Lots of different people have different opinions but if it's for the ease factor I'd have to say zombe fly mod, This allows you to fly around on Singleplayer or Multiplayer and skip all the Mobs down below. If your looking for a cool mod I'd have to say the Aether Mod which adds a Skyland where there are new mobs, new dungeons, new items, and it makes minecraft 10x more fun than it is on it's own. You can get the mod by googling Aether Mod Minecraft.

What are multiplayer servers that you can go on in minecraft?

There is a awesome one called BrotherCraft (Creative), but you have to buy the blocks and items. I got banned for no reason :( i really liked it.

What is the awesome game minecraft?

Minecraft is the indie sandbox game where you can either survive in the wild, be creative and build huge contraptions and creations, or you can play online with other people on multiplayer servers, which add new items and/or abilities to the game.

What are some Minecraft cheats?

Minecraft has alot of cheat codes. But the easiest way is downloading too many items or going to creative mode by using the command /gamemode c. but in a multiplayer server you might have to download a hacked client.

Can you get arrested for hacking in games?

It really matters on what kind of game it is and what you agreed to in the TearmsofService. Gamehacking in singleplayer games is 100% legal , but when you hack a game that is either multiplayer or involves money(ingame items/ perks) then you can get in some trouble , but they will usually just ban the account.

What items on minecraft are equipment items?

Help me I don't know what items are equipment it someone tell me what items are equipment items on Minecraft