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Q: What is the shovel in runescape called?
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Where can you get a shovel draynor manor in RuneScape?

In the manor or outside it.

In RuneScape the game how do you get a shovel?

There are many places you can get a shovel on runescape such as in Draynor Manor, you can buy one at the Grand Exchange, there is a little shack in Falador, with a shovel respawn in it. Its on the road northwest of the east bank in fally. Hope I helped you, Gigglybeth :)

What does the shovel do in RuneScape?

digs easily through dirt and sand. for more info look at the minecraft wikia

What was the old RuneScape called?

It was called Runescape Classic.

What is a digging tool called?


A shovel's friend can be called what?


What is the end of a shovel called?

the blade.

What is the shovel called the Sir Sam Hughes made?

The McAdam shovel. He named it after his assistant at the time.

What is the partner of pail?

it's called a shovel

Where is Kela in RuneScape?

There is no NPC, place, or item in RuneScape called "Kela."

What was the original version of RuneScape?

it was called runescape then they updated it all and called it runescape 2 then they changed runescape to runescape classic and runescape 2 to runescapealso you can still play runescape classic at its 100% free i play my self add me user is :registeralso go on youtube search runescape classic to see what it looked like back in 1999 :D

On RuneScape what is the swamp toad called?

in runescape a swamp toad is called a swamp toad lol stupid question...