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it is for a lil faster egg hatching

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Q: What is the second use for flame body on Pokemon platinum?
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Witch Pokemon has a flame body?

The Pokemon that has the POKE POWER flame body is Magmar which you can get either from Pokemon platinum or by transfer from Pokemon fire red

In Pokemon platinium can get Pokemon eggs to hatch faster?

In Platinum, you can have the egg in your party with a Pokemon that has Magma Armor or Flame Body to halve the amount of steps you have to take

In Pokemon platinum how many steps does it take to hatch a cranidos egg?

It takes 7,680 Steps to hatch a Cranidos. And it hatches faster when you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body

What Pokemon has the ability flame body?

the Pokemon that have flame body are mostly magmar,torcoal or slugma

Where to get the TM Flame Body in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Flame Body is a Pokemon ability, so it is not a TM. Flame Body is not a move either. The Pokemon that have this ability are: Magby Magmar Magmortar Slugma Magcargo

Where do you get the move flame body in Pokemon emerald?

Flame Body is not a move, it is an ability.

How many steps does it take to hatch an egg?

it depends on the Pokemon but if one of your Pokemon has the ability flame body it will reduce the eggs hatch time Pokemon eggs have completely different hatching steps to others eg: its takes around 9500 steps to hatch an evee egg (4250 steps with flame body ability and around 6630 steps to hatch and elekid egg (3315 with flame body) and as you guessed flame body is defo a good thing to hav on your team if your hatching eggs i normall use magmar in Pokemon platinum just because its the only Pokemon with flame body that i bothered to catch. ok that's it and i hope i helped and happy hatching lol :))

Is emboar a flame body pokemon?

No, it's ability isn't Flame Body or is it classified as that.

Which Pokemon learn flame body?

i am confident that slugma and magcargo can have flame body in fiery path

Does putting Pokemon eggs in the daycare make them grow faster?

No, not exactly to make an egg grow faster in platinum you need a Pokemon with the ability either Flame Body or Magma Armor. Those abilities split your steps in half. Flame Body-Magmar (you can find at Fuego Ironworks) Magma Armor-Slugma, or Magcargo

How do you get Seel egg in Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum?

You have to put a Dewgong in the Pokemon Daycare in Solaceon Town with a Ditto or another Pokemon in the same breeding group and walk until they tell you that they found an egg. Then you can hatch the Seel by walking 5,355 steps, or you could have a Pokemon in your party with the Ability Flame Body to cut the number of steps in half. Pokemon that have Flame Body: Slugma, Magcargo, Magby, Magmar, and Magmortar.

What is the easest way to hatch a egg in platinum?

Mainly, you just walk around until it hatches. But if you have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor, put that Pokemon on your team with the egg. It speeds up the hatching time.