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When you open the .jar, you're then in the root, meaning the top 'level' which contains all the other folders and files.

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Q: What is the root folder of the minecraft jar?
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How do you add mods in Minecraft?

download it then chuck its contents in a mods folder in minecraft .jar

Why cant you open the minecraft jar folder?

You have to open it with winrar.

How do you install plugins to a Minecraft Server as I do not have a plugins folder or a dot jar folder?

Install bukkit

How do you get to your dot jar folder in Minecraft?

If you are using window's, then use the Run program, and type in %appdata% and then run that, and it will bring you to a file containing the .minecraft folder.

Why doesn't the Minecraft download have the Minecraft jar folder in it?

It does you just need to go into youthen go to roaming then to .Minecraft then click bin and it should be in there. What about for Mac?

How do you install a mod for Minecraft 1.3.1?

You download the mod and open it with a archiving program, Win-rar is what I use but there is also 7-zip, then you have to find your .minecraft folder. You can find it by searching %appdata% in your start menu. Open the .minecraft folder then open the bin folder. Inside the bin folder, there is the .jar. Open it with a archiving program. Look at the mod. If there is a Readme file, open it and follow what it says to do. Also, there is usually the instructions on the page that you found the mod. If there isn't a Readme folder, then open the mod with the archiving program and copy all of the .classes into the .jar or your .minecraft folder. Caution: If you get a black screen when opening minecraft after installing the mod, then it is because you didn't delete the META-INF folder in your minecraft jar. Hope this was helpful. Ask me if there is any other problems. -Aiya

How do you get Minecraft 1.9 on mac os x?

you need to download the jar on minecraft wiki or somewhere else. And then go into your home folder-library-application support-minecraft- and then go into bin and replace the jar with the one you downloaded. MERRY CHRISTMAS

How do you fix a messed up minecraft jar file?

you can either force update your minecraft via the login page or you can delete the entire bin folder

How do you install a mod for Minecraft?

download minecraft forge, open it up and keep forge as is and hit ok, then find a mod, download the jar, and locate your minecraft folder go to mods folder, open that up and drag the mod jar into the folder and enjoy your mod. P.S. go to edit profile on minecraft launcher page and go to: use version, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the forge thing and then hit play and enjoy your mod.

How do you install maps in zombie craft?

find a .minecraft folder with zombiecraft already installed then replace it with your normal .minecraft then run the .jar file but DONT force update (minecraft 1.1)

How do you get Minecraft mods folder?

I'd suggest downloading this file from Minecraft Mine. Go to the link below, and scroll down until you see "DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT 1.4.7 JAR CLIENT." Click this link to download. Make sure that you download the "client," not the "server."

How do you get Minecraft 1.0.0?

premium: get the 1.0.0 Minecraft jar here and delete the Minecraft jar that you have and put the 1.0.0 jar in