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Dragonball AF was originally an April Fools joke. There's fan made manga but nothing official.

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dragonball af is not real

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Q: What is the release date of dragonball af?
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What is the release date of Dragonball AF In 2012?

Its not real

Can you wach dragonball af in England?

There is no Dragonball AF

Who is the strongest in dragonball af?

Dragonball AF (AprilFools) does not exist.

Complete dragonball af episodes af in English?

they are no episodes of dragonball af and af stads for "april fools"

Is dragonball af a real game?

No, anything Dragonball AF is fake.

Is Goku in DragonBall AF?

DragonBall AF stands for April Fools

Is there really DragonBall AF?

AF is Fan made. There is no Anime, just Photoshop Images of Dragonball AF.

Where you can read dragonball AF novels?

There are no Dragonball AF novels because it is a fan made product

When will there be more Dragonball AF episodes?

Dragonball AF is a non-existend and fanbased spin-off the Dragonball series. The statement that there would be a new series is based on a fanmade comic (manga) which was not made by the original makers. The original makers have stated, both in a conference and an article in Shounen Jump, that their will be no Dragonball AF. Simply said: Dragonball AF is fanfiction. Dragonball AF is not real.

When will they show Dragon Ball AF on TV?

They will not, ever. Dragonball AF isn't an original creation of Akira Toriyama. He has nothing to do with it. Dragonball AF is simply a creation of a fan of Dragonball.

How many chapters are in dragonball af?

There isn't Dragonball Af episodes because it isn't official yet.

Does Dragonball AF exsist?

There is nothing official called Dragonball AF. There is a fan made manga called Dragonball AF by a guy called Toyble, but it's not official or anything. If you want to check it out, just google Toyble AF.