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Everyone who buys a new version of the game gets a different unique redeem code to play as catwomen.

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Q: What is the redeem code for Catwoman in Batman Arkham City?
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What are the cheat code and redeem codes for batman arkham city for xbox 360?


How do I be catwoman in batman arkham city?

You have to download and buy catwoman for the game.

Do you have to have xbox live to be catwoman on batman arkham city?

yes, unfortunately

Where does catwoman live?

According to the movie Batman Returns and the game Batman Arkham city, Catwoman just lives in an apartment. In Batman Returns, it's somewhere in Gotham City and in the game, it's in Arkham City (A mega prison)

What is the code for catwoman in batman arhkam city?

To get the Catwoman bundle pack, you can either buy the bundle online or buy it with the game disk.

Do you get to play as catwoman on batman arkham city?

Yes, but only if you pre-ordered it or bought the Catwoman DLC pack

How do you change from catwoman to Batman?

In Arkham City there are points covered with Bats flying everywhere where you can switch characters from Catwoman to Batman. It's the same with Catwoman, there's a point with Cats laying on the ground usually positioned on rooftops.

Is Batman arkham city or Batman arkham asylem a better game?

id say batman arkham city is better than batman arkham asylum because: .In arkham city you have more weapons and in arkham asylum you only get eight weapons. .In arkham city you can glide for as long as you want but for arkham asylum you only have limited time to glide .In arkham city you have more characters to play as such as catwoman, nightwing,and robin,in arkham asylum you can only play as joker. .In arkham city the game is longer (which most people say it's fun that way). . and in arkham city you get to meet/fight new characters

What the next batman game after arkham city?

The next batman arkham game after Batman: Arkham City is Batman: Arkham Origins.

How do you get Batman beyond in Batman arkham city?

You can buy him at the dcuo marketplace for 5 dollars.

Is there another batman arkham game?

well after batman arkham city is arkham origins so yes there is

Can you change back into batman if your catwoman batman arkham city?

Yes, You go on top of the building where you turned into catwoman. If you cant remember where that is just look for a little cluster thing of cats on top of a building.