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id say batman arkham city is better than batman arkham asylum because:

.In arkham city you have more weapons and in arkham asylum you only get eight weapons.

.In arkham city you can glide for as long as you want but for arkham asylum you only have limited time to glide

.In arkham city you have more characters to play as such as catwoman, nightwing,and robin,in arkham asylum you can only play as joker.

.In arkham city the game is longer (which most people say it's fun that way).

. and in arkham city you get to meet/fight new characters

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Q: Is Batman arkham city or Batman arkham asylem a better game?
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Which game is better assassins creed or batman arkham city?

Batman Arkham City

What game is better batman arkham city or batman arkham origins?

In my opinion, I would play Batman: Arkham City.

What is better Batman arkham city or LEGO Batman?

Arkham City is better for an more adult audience but lego is better for children but i prefer arkham as i am a teenager

What the next batman game after arkham city?

The next batman arkham game after Batman: Arkham City is Batman: Arkham Origins.

Is there another batman arkham game?

well after batman arkham city is arkham origins so yes there is

Was Batman arkham city before or after Batman arkham asylum?

Arkham Asylum came before Arkham City Asylum came out in 2009 City came out in 2011

Can you get multiplayer on Batman arkham city?

No, Multilayer is not available on Batman Arkham City.

Is arkham city better than arkham asylum?

Arkham City (known to some people as Arkham City 2) is the newer release of Batman. The arkham asylum is the previous release.

What is older Batman arkham city Or Batman arkham assylum?

actually it is arkham asylum because that cameout first

Is Batman arkham asylum 2 out yet?

No the game will be Batman Arkham city and it has been out

Is Batman arkham city a good game?

yes... i love arkham city

Will Kevin conroy quit being Batman in Batman arkham city?

No, he will reprise his voice role for the new Arkham City.