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No the game was never made Batman Arkham City was released after Batman Arkham Asylum

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Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 is not a game, so the answer is no.

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Q: Is batman arkham asylum 2 a 2 player game?
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Is Batman arkham asylum 2 out yet?

No the game will be Batman Arkham city and it has been out

Is their a game like batman arkham asylum for the PlayStation 2?

no there is no batman arkham asylum game for the playstation 2.

Batman arkham asylum 2 release date?

Batman arkham asylum 2 is not being released, but Batman Arkham City was released October 18, 2011 Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year was released May 11, 2010

Which one is the first game Batman arkam asylum or Batman arkam city?

arkham asylum

When will arkham asylum be out?

The game has been out and Batman Arkham City was also released

Is Batman Arkham Asylum better for Xbox 360 or ps3?

batman arkham asylum is better on ps3 because it is cheap and the best game on ps3

Does the joker die in the new batman game?

If you are talking about Batman Arkham City then yes. If you're talking about Batman Arkham Asylum, then no.

Which game came first Batman arkham asylum or Batman arkham city?

Batman Arkham Asylum was first.Batman Arkham City continued after it.I would say the second one is good cos you can do more moves and the place is HUGE!

Where does the latest Batman game take place?

Arkham Asylum

How did you get 100 percent on Batman Arkham Asylum?

Play the game!

Which game is better batman arkham asylum or Spider-Man web of shadows PC?

Arkham Asylum is so much better

Who is the spirit of Arkham in the game Batman Arkham asylum?

Quincy Sharp , who has been possessed by The Spirit Amadius Arkham