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in my opinion it is electric sphere in.

PS ask me any Pokemon questions no matter hard they are i can answer it

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Q: What is the rarest dinosaur king card?
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How do you play dinosaur king card game?

with a dildo

Where do you get deinonychus on dinosaur king?

I just put in a dollar to play the Dinosaur King arcade game, and the card I received happened to be Deinonychus.

Which is the most power card in dinosaur king?

t rex

How do you play the Dinosaur King card game?


How do you get secret move cards in dinosaur king?

first you have to swipe a certain normal attack card then it will become a super move for your dinosaur

Is it hard to get a spinosaurus card?

In Dinosaur King, It is veryyy rare. so therefore it is hard to get

Is a colossal rare dinosaur king card something extremely rare to treasure?


What is the best dinosaur king trading card called?

I would say black dinos are the best.

What are the card codes from card pack?

P247JJMMXP is the rarest

What is the rarest Pokemon card in 2008?

The rarest Pokemon card of 2008 is a card named POKEMON ILLUSTRATER. This card is worth $5,000 easy.

Where can you find a T-Rex in Dinosaur King?

just the kids choose the t rex card that's it!

What is the rarest card jitsu power card?

It is the sensei power card.