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you have to weaken it to like no life and then you have to paralyze it and use ultra balls

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Q: What is the quickest way to catch a Skorupi?
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How do you catch skoropi in pearl?

To catch Skorupi in Pokemon Pearl you need to go to the Great Marsh. Skorupi is rather rare here and will sometimes not be catch-able depending on the day. To know if Skorupi is going to be catch-able use the binoculars on the 2nd floor. The binoculars will show which area has a certain Pokemon in it. Once the binoculars show that Skorupi will appear memorize the area and go there to find and catch it

How do you catch skorupi in Pokemon Diamond?

First go to the safari zone. go to to the second floor. look through the binoculars and see if a skorupi appears. if it does go to where you saw it and try to catch it!you can get a skorupi in the safari zone.

Where to catch drapion in diamond?

Evolve Skorupi. Skorupi can be found in the Great Marsh place in Pastoria City.

How do you catch skorupi in diamond?

Skorupi can be found in the Great Marsh (Pastoria City) I think on a certain day.

What pair of binoculars do you use to catch skorupi in platinum?

Any pair of binoculars will work to catch Skorupi in Pokemon Platinum. However, keep in mind that Skorupi can only be encountered in the Great Marsh area of Pastoria City. Use the binoculars to spot Skorupi in the tall grass and then approach it to initiate a battle.

How do you get a skorpi on soul silver?

You can catch a Skorupi in the Safari Zone.

What is the quickest way of getting a Tyranitar?

catch a high level larvitar lol

Where do you find skorupi?

Skorupi is an #%& to catch. Skorupi are a daily Pokemon in the Great Marsh in Sinnoh and require at least 28 rock blocks (e.g. Small rock, Big Rock, Moss Rock) in the Wasteland area in the Johto Safari Zone. Which one of the two is easier?Skorupi is definitely an &%* to catch under a week, or even 72 hours! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

Does Skorupi learn flamethrower?

No, Skorupi does not learn flamethrower and can't learn it in any other way.

What is the quickest way to catch Lickitung?

The fastest way on HeartGold or SoulSilver would be to go into the Safari Zone and find it there.

How do you catch Skorupi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokémon SoulSilver, you can catch Skorupi in the wasteland area of the Safari Zone after you have placed 28 Rocky Blocks in the area. You only gain access to the blocks after getting the National Dex.

What is the quickest way to find and catch Mewtwo?

Beat the elite 4 and after go to the cave in cerulean city.