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There is no point of going into the debug mode of any game, exept to unfreeze your game, and to see when the game was created.

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Q: What is the point of entering debug mode in New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS?
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How do you get into the debug menu in Super Mario 64 DS?

get an action replay then look up debug menu

How do you get debug mode in Super Smash Bros Melee?

There is no debug mode in super smash bros melee and you can't

Debug code for New Super Mario Bros?

To activate the debug mode, start the New Super Mario Bros. game cartridge, and in any part of the game, eject the game cartridge, then hold L+R+A+Left let go, hold B+Down let go, hold START+SELECT let go.

How do you get debug on Mario Kart wii?

the blue falcon is

Does Super Smash Bros Brawl have a debug menu just like super smash bros. melee?

yes, it does. What the hell is that? What the heck is a debug? A debug menu is a hidden section in the game the people at Nintendo used to test different kinds of characters, special levels, and scenes to make sure the game was cleaned of all errors. You can play in levels, with characters, and under different conditions than what the game would normally let you do! i wanna do that. where is it?

How do you get super sonic in sonic megamix?

Debug mode

Does Super Smash Bros brawl have a debug menu?

No, it doesn't

How do you become super tails without chaos emeralds?

Debug mode.

How do you play Sonic in Super Smash Bros Melee at the debug menu?

When you are at the debug menu where you type codes,press the following combo on your controller,UP+A,B,A,Y+B,then you will be able to be sonic at the debug menu.

How do you get the debug menu in Super Smash Bros Melee without an action replay?

You can't

How do you get to play giga bowser in super smash bros.melee?

You can play giga bowser in the debug menu.

How do you get debug mode In Mario all stars?

You'll need an Action Replay for the SNES to enter these codes in.70000701 = Debug mode, all games.7E016080 = SMB 3 old debug mode (missing level select).The controls for the debug modes, should be easy to figure out. As for the SMB 3 old debug mode one however, Press Select + A/B/X/Y to toggle Kuribo's Shoe.