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If you have Mystic Ticket,you will get much more Pokemon in there,but to have a ticket you need to have wirelles adapter.Then go to the any mart then there you will see a letter.Press A button then write LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL.When you do that,the shopkeeper will give you mystical ticket,when you do that,save it then go again and when there will be New game and Continue,You will get a new message that is writen with Mystical Ticket.Go there and be sure your Wireless Adapter is on.

*uh i think that just activates Mystery Gift, not the Mystic Ticket(?)

mistic gift is the ticket. now look a fish <*><

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 12:07:11
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Q: What is the point of alternating cave in Pokemon fire red?
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