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Q: What is the password for power lines phase 2?
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What is the password for powerlines phase two?

Power lines 1 - 2 password:321123

What is the password to power lines 2?


What is the password to power lines 2 the game?

321123 dont forget it

What is the pass word to power lines 3?

if you want to know the password to powerlines 3 you should play the game. i would start with power lines 2. the password to get into power lines 3 is 123321. dont forget it. Hope it helped!

What is the difference between the power lines phase 1 level 6 and the power lines 2 phase 7?

Helpful. What you call "power lines 1 level 6", it has to make 10 and there are six powercells. What you call "power lines 2 level 7" is has to make 21 and there are more than six which is 9 powerce.

What is the password for powerlines phase 2?


How do you solve the power lines 2 level 2?

i really dont no cos i am stuck but yesterday i completed phase 2 but i forgot the code.

What is the answer to power lines level 2 phase 2?

I hate this game and cannot find the answer. It is WAY tooooo hard for children and adults.

How do you complete phase 2 level 3 on power lines?

My concluision is make sure each row is 13

What is the power lines 2-3 password?

The password for it is 123321.If you do not know then see here and it might go to a trickier one.I got stuck-on a level today and it isn't easy for you unless a 1-12 help might get you going-boing.The level 3 phase two I tried was really really hard.Phase1Level1: 56412L2:L3:At least I can finish on with powerline2.

What is the code to power lines 1?

at the end of power lines 1 you get a code to enter power lines 2 the code is 321123

What is the answer to power lines phase 1 level 7?

1 3 6 4 2 5 7

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