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It depends on the map.

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Q: What is the oldest version of minecraft that can run custom maps?
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Do maps cost money in Minecraft?

Custom maps in minecraft can usually be downloaded for free.

What do you type to raed rules on minecraft custom maps?

You can't read rules for custom maps. They will be at the start or on the forum page.

What are some good custom maps on minecraft?

SkyBlock is a great map.

Are minecraft custom maps free?

Yes, you download it then plop it in you saves folder

Do Minecraft custom maps cost anything?

They cost memory. No money though.

How do I instal maps on minecraft pocket edtition version 0.10.4?

download a app from the app store

Can you play custom maps on minecraft pocket edition?

Unfortunately, no, you cant. Only on a PC or a Mac

What maps are based on TV shows on Minecraft?

There are most likely many. One of them is the lost custom map.

Ls the walls for minecraft free?

Yes, it is only a custom map. All custom maps are free, and you should never have to pay to play one.

How do you load custom maps in minecraft?

You use any kind of editor, like MC edit, and you just load

When do custom maps for minecraft come out on xbox?

You can download them now from places. It's just a lengthy set up though.

What is custom edition of Halo Combat Evolved?

Well, Halo Custom Edition is the multiplayer version of Halo Combat Evolved PC. It doesn't have a Campaign, by the way. If you want to get Halo Custom Edition, install the installer and use your Halo Combat Evolved PC Key. The main advantage of Halo Custom Edition is custom maps. Halo Custom Edition is currently in Version