What is the oldest Mario game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the oldest Mario game?
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Who is the oldest character in Mario?

Donkey Kong acullay Mario has not allways been Mario in the game Donkey Kong his name was jump man.

What is the oldest game made for the nes?

Before Mario came with the NES automatically when bought, there was Ice Climbers.

Do more like Sonic Are Mario sonic-4 votes mario-1 vote?

Mario is one of the oldest video game stars and he has protected a lot of guys well in the video game. he also saved the world I mean mario has a lot of cool items so mario.

What is the oldest DS game made?

Mario 64 came at the launch aswell as metroid prime and sims urbz. the one that was NOT at the launch was electroplanktons.

What would the oldest game be that people would still have?

it would probably be mario for the very first nintendo or galaga im 67 by the way

What is the oldest video game series that is still active?

super Mario bros ^ yes but PAC man is still pretty active :) i play it

Who name the oldest video game?

The oldest video game brand is Atari, and the oldest video game is Atari's Pong.

What is the oldest game played in world?

Backgammon is thought to be the oldest game.

What is the oldest Super Mario Brothers called?

Super Mario bros also adreesed by super Mario bros 1

What is the oldest game console?

The oldest game's console is the Jet x, it was released in 1945

Are Mario and Luigi twin brothers?

Yes, they are brothers, with Mario being the oldest.

When is swimmingbird next Mario game?

Mario Kart nine is the swimmingbird next Mario game.