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Yes, they are brothers, with Mario being the oldest.

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they r twin brothers

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Q: Are Mario and Luigi twin brothers?
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Is Mario's brother Luigi?

Yes, Luigi is Mario's twin brother, in fact. Luigi is the "brother" in "Super Mario Brothers". They are called the "Super Mario Brothers" because Mario is the older twin, more popular than Luigi, and was introduced 2 years before Luigi in 1981.

Is wario Mario and luigi's dad?

yes, he is their dad and rosalina is their mom and waluigi is there uncle and Mario and luigi are twin brothers and Mario's best friend is yosh and he is also married to peach also luigi is married to daisy

Is Mario and luigi bros?

Luigi and mario are brothers. A lot of people think that wario and mario were brothers.

Is Luigi older than Mario?

Mario and Luigi are twins.BUT Mario is the older twin.

Does Luigi have an evil twin?

Luigi has and evil twin called Waluigi and Mario's evil twin is Wario

Who is Mario and luigi?

mario and luigi are plumbmers,brothers, and pepole

Are wario and waluigi Mario and luigi's cousins?

There is no official answer, honestly. All we know is they are Mario and Luigi's "evil counterparts." well Mario and luigi are cousins and waluigi and luigi are brothers Mario and Luigi are brothers... and I highly doubt that Wario and Waluigi are cousins with Mario and Luigi.

Is Mario and luigi brother?

Luigi and Mario are indeed brothers. Mario is the older brother and Luigi the younger brother.

What are the names of the Mario Brothers?

the brothers are maroi and luigi

How many brothers are Mario brothers?

4. Mario luigi walugi wario

What is Marios brothers name?


Are Mario and luigi twins?

Yes, they've been described as twins in some of the game's character descriptions in the manuals. Other times they are simply called brothers, with the twin part left out. For example, Luigi is sometimes referred to Mario's younger brother, and sometimes younger twin brother.