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episode 452

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Q: What is the number of the Pokemon episode that ash turns evil in?
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What is the episode where rini grows up and turns evil in sailormoon?

episode 76

What episode did ash turn evil?

It was episode 32 of Season 5, the episode's name is 'Hocus Pokémon'.

What the episode of Pokemon when Pikachu is evil?

the episode is called pokemon's revolt

Does anyone from pokemon get evil?

yes ash does but i don't know which episode

Where to find Pokemon episode evil ash part 1?

Watch TV

Is iggly buff evil?

The actual Pokemon is not but if you are talking about Wigglytuff in the Mystery Dungeon games I don't think he turns out to be evil.

What episode of Teen Titans when BB turns evil?

Beast boy never turned evil though he was act very strange when he found out that the Doom Patrol had been captured by the brotherhood of evil

What episode was it when pickachu turns evil?

It wasn't an episode. it was a movie. the Pokemon movie where Groudon and Kyoger are awakened by team magma and team i think flood. anyways he is evily controled by team magma and is also controlled by groudon. I hope that helped! _______________________________________________________________________

Does willow jenks from house of Anubis turn evil?

Yes, I believe she turns evil from that commercial thing they after the episode. I'm not completely sure though... until finale tonight!!!!!(10-11-13)

Poke ball that turns Pokemon to evil in Pokemon Black?

Dark Ball. Though it is found in the movie Celebi- Voice of the Forest , it is unobtainable through Normal Game Play in Pokemon Black Version.

Why is Pokemon evil?

Pokemon isn't evil!!!! D:

When does ash turn into a pikachu?

There is many episodes like this. Pikachu turns evil, Ash saves him with their hearts, kill bad guys, all the cheesy stuff.